Welcome to RS Labs

Short intro to the blog

Welcome to Richard Szolár Labs a.k.a. RS Labs!

This is my labs website where I will share a couple of interesting plugins, my projects that I’ve published. This will be more technology oriented than my personal blog, where I will continue to share opinions, ideas or just share some thoughts.

Hugo the static site builder provides us with more options than jekyll and here I can be more flexible in the content, categorization or tagging. So let’s try this for now.

Some of the older articles will redirect to this page.

I have a lot of stuff going on, which might not fit into a separate repository, so I will publish it in posts, like this one. Sometimes easy reusable components. Short scripts, gists and many more.

Richard Szolár
Richard Szolár
Software Developer

Software developer with many years of experience. Tech enthusiasts, recently working with Go and React. Also reading a lot of 📚 and I ❤️ art 🍿🎬