Servicenow Node Bridge

Screenshot of the UI for writing Bridge Scripts (faker package example)

With the Servicenow Node Bridge anyone is able to run ES6 code inside of a VM using NodeJS and basically any package that comes to your mind. The bridge comes with a simple REST API builtin. You just need to download the VM repo, install the npm packages then run the container using docker.

After installing dependencies, customers can easily firewall the container from the outside world and allow the Servicenow instance only or any communication. A builtin nginx webserver makes it easy to setup SSL if needed or put your own custom certificates there.

You may ask why? Well, this project was born out of the problem of Servicenow using the Rhino project to execute javascript. I am not saying that it is bad, but it is not fit for the needs of a modern world javascript developer. You can’t use most of the ES6 features, you are limited in using npm packages, because you can not run javascript from them let it be ES6 or the compiled version on the server side (on Servicenow). You need to make client side implementations which require the user to have their browser turned on etc.

I’ve built a scoped app, which you can install on your instance, it contains a custom code editor. This code editor has ES6 enabled, there is a Bridge Script field, which you can leverage to write your bridge scripts, which then will get executed inside the VM.

This is a game changer. Of course the project is in early stages, I invite everyone to submit feedback so we can make it more realiable and stable. If you have some ideas, feel free to share and we will see what we can do.

See my previous posts for more information and also visit the various repositories’ WIKI pages, you can find more in-depth examples and information on how to set this up.


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